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AFFORDABLE Colonoscopy Assist Procedures!

We’ll just make this one simple. This is NOT something anybody looks forward to. Nope…NADA….zilch. BUT it CAN save your life.

My mother, at the YOUNG age of 54, had her scheduled routine colonoscopy. She did NOT have any symptoms, no pains, no aches, nothing. She FELT fine. However, she had stage 3 rectal cancer! You think, wow, wouldn’t she know? NOPE. She FELT healthy. She was active, she ate right, she FELT good. But she was walking around with STAGE 3 cancer in her body. The ONLY reason she is alive is because she went in for her routine colonoscopy. Did she wake up that morning excited about doing it? NO! (that would be weird if she did). But that procedure saved her life. Yes, she had to have chemo for over 6 months. Yes, she lost a lot of hair and the side effects were terrible. Yes, she looked different and felt terrible during the whole process. But she is ALIVE. Her hair grew back. Her energy level returned. The side effects minimized and then eventually vanished. And now, 9 years later, still cancer free. She is ONLY alive because this was caught during a routine colonoscopy. 

From a daughter’s perspective, I do not know what I would do without her. 54 seems too young right? NO! Truth is, colon rectal cancer can strike at any age. The average age to start getting a colonoscopy is age 50, but that is just a guideline. If this is in your family history, I would suggest as early as 40. But please, PLEASE take this seriously like my mother did. This is a part of life. We take our cars in for routine maintenance and check ups. Well, our bodies are worth WAY more than our vehicles and deserve the same attention. 

My own confession. This happened to my step-mom (but she IS my mom to me) so I do not have this in my own family history. But I have already, at age 47, started taking this seriously.  Please, if you have read this far, this is something you need to take seriously and schedule your appointment with Dr. Abby as soon as possible.


Colonoscopy AssistDr. Abby and his staff make this procedure affordable. They know this could save your life and is very important for your total health. Dr. Abby has over 30 years experience and was awarded EXCELLENCE in Patient Care by Colonoscopy Assist. He knows what he is doing and his sense of humor and personality help you relax and know you are literally in good hands. 

And if you are still unsure, then don’t do it for you, do it for those that you love. Make sure you take care of your TOTAL health. Us loved ones out there will sure appreciate that!

Holly and Her Mom

Written by:
Holly Johnson

Daughter of a colon rectal cancer survivor 9 years strong. 

(normally I do NOT like pictures of myself but with my mom, I always treasure them)


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